Note : To resolve technical queries in Electricity Subsidy scheme for textile units, Shri. Prashant Wawge, Assistant Director (Accounts) has been appointed as Nodal Officer and his contact number is 0712 2950900.

Important Notifications

Regarding extension of deadline for submission of proposals under Interest Subsidy Scheme under Textile Policy as well as cancellation of additional construction period.

In connection with the sale of land, the tender for sale through e-auction mode has been published on the website

1) Custodian, Vasant Sahakari Soot Va Kapad Girni Ltd. Pandharkawada, published E- Auction bid document for sale of Land can be viewed and download on website
2) Custodian, Amravati Cotton Growers Co-operative, Spinning Mill, Ltd. Amravati, Tah. & Dist. Amravati, published E- Auction bid document for sale of Land can be viewed and download on website

All the textile units which have registered for the electricity subsidy on the website, but the registration form has not been completed or the compliance received in the proposals have not been rectified. It should be noted that if not done by August 31, 2022, the registration of electricity subsidy of these textile units will be cancelled.

Information on the selection of candidates for the first semester of the three-year Handloom and Textile Technology Diploma for the academic year 2022-23. Instructions to download and submit the application to the office of the concerned Regional Deputy Commissionerate from 10/05/2022 to 11/7/2022.

अ.क्र कार्यालयाचे नांव व पत्ता अधिकाऱ्याचे नांव दुरध्वनी क्रमांक
प्रादेशिक उपआयुक्त वस्त्रोद्योग, नविन प्रशासकीय ईमारत 2 आठवा मजला सिव्हील लाईन नागपूर श्रीमती. सिमा पांडे ०७१२-२५३७९२७
प्रादेशिक उपआयुक्त वस्त्रोद्योग, सोलापूर जिल्हा महसूल कर्मचारी सह पत संस्था, ईमारत जिल्हाअधिकारी आवार, सोलापूर श्री. चंद्रकांत टिकुळे ०२१७-२३२३१६१
प्रादेशिक उपआयुक्त वस्त्रोद्योग, सातवा माळा चरई टेलिफोन एक्सचेंन्ज बिल्डींग माउली मंडळ रोड, चरई ठाणे (पश्चिम) मुंबई श्री. अजितकुमार सासवडे ०२२-२५४०५३६३
प्रादेशिक उपआयुक्त वस्त्रोद्योग, बाळासाहेब पवार सहकार भवन 3, रा माळा मोठा रोड, जाफर गेट जवळ, औरंगाबाद श्री. जे. बी. गुडसे ०२४०-२९७००५८

G.R. Co-operative Marketing and Textile Department Policy-2018 / Q. No. As per 1649 / Tex-5, dated 22nd October 2021, regarding submission of certificates in the appendix attached with G.R.( Concerned Textile units have to submit these Certificates from the link provided as Certificates 1 to 5 in UNIT LOGIN )

Deadline for online application on the website of Textile Commissionerate, Nagpur under Maharashtra State Textile Policy 2018-23 is extended by 3 months. (Only for Powerloom Units)

All the textile units which have submitted online application for electricity tariff concession scheme under the textile industry policy, should immediately submit the specimen 1 to 4 mentioned in the letter online as per the instructions of the government.

Regarding submission of self-declaration for Textile Power subsidy.

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